Jun. 22nd, 2010

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  • PMS apparently makes me put crazy shit in my Netflix Instant Watch queue and then cry while I'm watching it. I teared up last night while I was watching Die Hard 2. Die Hard 2?! Seriously, ovaries, WTF is that about? I hate when my hormones secretly manipulate my steely resolve to be cynical and jaded and make me cry at the cheesy bits in ACTION MOVIES. But after all these years, at least I know to be suspicious when I start getting maudlin about random things I don't normally care about.

  • I watched Demolition Man previous to Die Hard 2, and thankfully I didn't cry during any part of it. I had to avert my eyes from Stallone's face and body sometimes, though, ugh. He's just so completely unattractive to me that shudders of revulsion overtake me when he's naked in the cryostasis pit. And him kissing Sandra Bullock? Eww, ick, and complete lack of chemistry. Keep the sex helmets, you two are not allowed any physical contact, I don't care if it's legal now. The funniest part of Demolition Man was Dan Cortese in the role of "Taco Bell Entertainer" singing the Green Giant theme song. His fledgling acting career is stalking me (and his tan still creeps me the hell out).

  • To cure my bout of unwarranted weepiness, I was forced to rewatch the part of Joe's Wedding where David's naked in the shower with the teapot. He is so ridiculous (and cute!), singing his little ditty about being clean while washing dishes in the shower with a toilet brush. A toilet brush. David, David, David.

  • I watched the trailer for Good Day For It and caught that one second's worth of Joe. I think he shoots Is it a spoiler if it's in the trailer? ) and that's all you see of Joe. I hope he's more prominent in the movie.

  • Tomorrow I get to call the bitch at my worker's comp insurer and argue her into letting me have the MRI I want because my doctor says that their pat little diagnosis is wrong. Fun times!


mapsandlegends: Joe and David at FedCon 2010 (Default)

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