Jun. 23rd, 2010


Jun. 23rd, 2010 12:32 pm
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I hate that woman at the worker's comp insurer. Hate hate hate her. She doesn't care that the pat little diagnosis that their "examiner" decided to stick me with doesn't jibe with what my last doctor said. Oh, no, my claim is still denied and I have to deal with this stupid hearing just so I can try to talk them into taking care of their fucking obligation. I don't want money. I want my knee examined thoroughly and I want to know the extent of the damage and get it taken care of. I have to wait until August just to find out if I can even get that much out those assholes.

Plus, I don't have health insurance right now, but my household income is too high for a free clinic. But I have to do something so I can prove that there's damage those idiots missed.

This was the only good part of my morning:

That's my front window with the sun shining through the trees, blinds and curtain. It was really pretty. Too bad that was before I had to get on the phone with the bitch.
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I have taken a solemn vow to stop forgetting people's birthdays, so it's double birthday time today.

Happy Birthday to [personal profile] nakedwesley and [personal profile] arlessiar!

(Wow, that is an ugly card. Good thing it's vintage.)


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