Jul. 27th, 2010

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Now that the masterlist has been posted at [community profile] sgareversebang, I'm free to repost my art. I know some of you have already seen it, back when I linked to the post at [community profile] sgareversebang, but I wanted to post it in my journal as well. The small version definitely loses something in the ensmallening, so be sure to check out the full version after the cut tag.

I intend to do a dvd-commentary at some point, which seems like it'll be a lot of work, but fun. Also, I don't tyipcally name my art, unless it goes with a story and then it usually gets the story name attached. This challenge was unique in that the artists created their art and then stories were written based on the artwork. Part of the process in submitting the art was naming it, so I chose the title from the Vangelis song. (Because I love Blade Runner and there's a lot of green in it, people. Yes, I'm lame. :D)

Title: Memories of Green
Medium: Photoshop collage
Notes: Beta: [personal profile] gblvr. The colors and themes for this picture were inspired by the covers of old sci-fi novels. This is probably the single most labor-intensive art project I've ever worked on, with the most layers (over 100), changes (basic composition changed at least 5 times), tweaks (eww, how did I not notice that before?) and mutations (unexpected but happy surprises). But in the end, it's my favorite project as well.

Full image after the cut. ~400kb )
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I finally made you something for your birthday, [personal profile] gblvr! I stopped getting distracted by shiny things and made you your own shiny thing.

Lookit Lorne's little face!


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