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Day 02- A song that helps me clear my head
Erik Satie - Gymnopedies No 1
This is a really beautiful song, my favorite of Satie's, though I'm also partial to Gnossienne No. 4.

Day 01- A song that makes me happy:
They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse in Your Soul
Flood is my favorite TMBG album, it's the right mix of offbeat and musical. And how can you go wrong with songs about wearing prosthetic foreheads on your real head?

Day 03- A song that makes me laugh
Day 04- A song that reminds me of something
Day 05- A song that has a new meaning to me every time I hear it
Day 07- A song that is my guilty pleasure
Day 08- A song I liked when I was younger
Day 09- A song that makes me want to dance
Day 10- A song that makes me cry
Day 11- A song that reminds me of summer
Day 12- A song that reminds me of my best friend
Day 13- A song I sing to in the shower
Day 14- A song I like hearing live
Day 15- A song people wouldn’t expect me to like
Day 16- A song that holds a lot of meaning to me
Day 17- A song that annoys me
Day 18- A song I have as my ringtone
Day 19- A song I'm currently obsessed with
Day 20- A song from a new album I'm waiting for
Day 21- A song I want to dance to at my wedding
Day 22- A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about my life
Day 23- A song that makes me angry
Day 24- A cover song
Day 25- An acoustic song I love
Day 26- A song by my favorite band
Day 27- A song I make fun of
Day 28- A song that reminds me of my significant other
Day 29- A song currently stuck in my head
Day 30- A song I haven’t listened to in awhile

on 2010-07-17 09:37 pm (UTC)
frith: (Blue elaph (at night))
Posted by [personal profile] frith
Thank you for the mp3, I'll listen to it a bit later, when I'm more awake. I have an orchestral version of several of Satie's piano pieces on vinyl, sadly way out of print, including Parade and Relache among others.

P.S.: You've blocked linking from DreamWidth, but linking from LJ works.
Edited on 2010-07-17 09:39 pm (UTC)


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