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I joined teamatlantis at stargateland after seeing it on [personal profile] mercury973's LiveJournal. It's a fun community with participation based challenges where you can vid, write, make graphics and do all sorts of other things.

I joined a bit too late to get a sig tag made for me, so I made my own. Then I went crazy and made six more for other people to max out my points for that challenge.

The sig tags I've made so far. )

I just noticed that with one exception, they're all Team Atlantis people and the majority are John/Rodney. It's obvious where my interest lies, eh? GO TEAM ATLANTIS!

I also wrote something for the writing challenge, but I can't post it until after the challenge closes and voting is done. I really enjoyed writing it, and it felt good to be writing again.

Of course it's a Sheppard-whump ficlet. Why is it that while I love McShep and fluff, I can only seem to write gen angst? There were three prompts: pain, hope and family. I'm sure you can guess which one resonated with me, right? Now I just have to write a second 100-500 word story for the same challenge - good thing you can use the same prompt twice! :D Though I may actually manage to churn out something using hope or family, who knows?


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