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Since I was sitting too close in Minneapolis to get a good picture of Joe and David together, I decided to make my own Joe and David photo from my own Joe and David photos (where's Xzibit when you need him?). It's all very meta. I did feel sort of weird Photoshopping my own photos instead of someone else's for a change.

Sadly, they just wouldn't stand this close the entire time. I decided they should do it anyway. The pictures I used make Joe look like he's obsessed with David's coffee cup. Or maybe David's nipple (which is Sir Not Appearing in This Picture thanks to the cup). Can't say I'd blame him. /perv

Since this is a digital manipulation and not an actual photo, do not repost it.
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These aren't all of the ones that I wanted to post, but it's about 60 pictures, so it's a good start.

It has its own directory so that if I add photos later, there won't be a change in URLs. I'll make sure to note if I upload more photos, so you don't have to wonder if there's anything new.

Bonus director's cut picture of Joe:

How is this man not suitable as Jim Rockford, again?
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Okay, everybody, don't kill me because I haven't posted my Minneapolis pictures yet. I've been recovering from too much caffeine and too little sleep, which usually makes me sleep too much once I have free time.

I took a long nap Monday, slept for a good six hours Monday night, slept all day Tuesday. Then, even though I tried to stay awake, I slept again for most of Tuesday night - and now it's Wednesday. And I wonder, "Where did the time go?!", even though I patently know the answer to that question.

Today's tasks, now that sleeping has been accomplished, are to to ship off my pretty, pretty camera lens and go deposit my disbursement check. It'll take forever, since I have to take the train, but I do solemnly swear that I'll start working on pictures today.

Here's something to tide you over until I get back later this afternoon:

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Okay, so I took 1,400 photos of David and Joe today. Paparazzi much? :D

I'm not home yet, so I don't want to sort and edit 1,000 photos right now, but I promise to post more over the next week
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So, I got a letter from my previous job telling me that I have pension money I either have to take as a lump sum or roll over into one of the various types of retirement accounts.

I never paid into it and I think my employer only did it for the tax breaks and interest payments they could accrue in my name. So, I chose to take the lump sum. For $3,000. Yep.

And since I'll be getting this $3000, I decided to waste a bit of it on a meet and greet ticket with David Hewlett at the Minneapolis con. Yep, insane. I'll probably burst from sheer excitement.
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Front row ticket to Minnepolis SG convention: check. I'm in seat A22 if people want to meet/avoid (hah).

Booked super-expensive flight to Minneapolis: check. There are no really good deals to Minneapolis right now, and no really convenient flights. I blame Cretin for that, since they announced this convention with barely more than a month's notice. This is the first time I've flown in over 20 years (oh, hell, I'm so old). Even when we moved cross-country, we drove here. So, I'm sure I'll be a bit nervous when the day comes.

Arranged Minneapolis accommodations with help of super-awesome people: check. Thank you [personal profile] mercury973 and [personal profile] ailurophile6, you are wonderful, helpful, kind ladies.

Also rented an amazing Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens for the occasion from Borrow Lenses (which I won't link to since they have an affiliate program and I don't want LJ outbound linking to it). Supposed to be a phenomenal portrait lens, with excellent low light capabilities (to compensate for Cretin's stupid "theater experience" lighting, if they haven't gotten over that idea yet).

Everything's arranged. Now if I can just get over this-thing-that-appears-to-be-a-sinus-infection in time for the con, I'll be all set.


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