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If one of my life goals was to melt a plastic knife handle to the side of my best pan. For some reason, I keep forgetting to turn off the electric burner after I saute asparagus and this time the knife bore the brunt of my stupidity. I think I can salvage the knife and the pan looks okay. The worst thing is the smell - burning plastic, mmm. I had to set up a fan relay from the front of the apartment to the back so that I could cycle out the awful stench. I'm going to have to remember to stop leaving the burner on before I burn the apartment down. I think I'll leave myself a note to that effect next to the stove.

At least I have all of these pretty Hewlett photos from the Splice premiere to soothe my soul. There's a great one of Vincenzo pretending to strangle David. I like the ones of David and Jane, too, they look so happy. Apparently I'm seeing Splice for my friend's birthday, which suits me fine. I don't think I'll like the rest of the movie that much, since I already know most of the plot and I think it's kind of fucked up and/or lame, but it'll be great to see David on the big screen. Giant awesome David Hewlett, yays!


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