May. 21st, 2010

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Art betas? Please?

I swear it doesn't look like this:

If you're worried that your eyes will bleed, please see past artwork:

SGA Big Bang 2009
SGA Big Bang 2008

(If your eyes still bleed, I apologize. :D)
mapsandlegends: Joe and David at FedCon 2010 (Default)
Front row ticket to Minnepolis SG convention: check. I'm in seat A22 if people want to meet/avoid (hah).

Booked super-expensive flight to Minneapolis: check. There are no really good deals to Minneapolis right now, and no really convenient flights. I blame Cretin for that, since they announced this convention with barely more than a month's notice. This is the first time I've flown in over 20 years (oh, hell, I'm so old). Even when we moved cross-country, we drove here. So, I'm sure I'll be a bit nervous when the day comes.

Arranged Minneapolis accommodations with help of super-awesome people: check. Thank you [personal profile] mercury973 and [personal profile] ailurophile6, you are wonderful, helpful, kind ladies.

Also rented an amazing Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens for the occasion from Borrow Lenses (which I won't link to since they have an affiliate program and I don't want LJ outbound linking to it). Supposed to be a phenomenal portrait lens, with excellent low light capabilities (to compensate for Cretin's stupid "theater experience" lighting, if they haven't gotten over that idea yet).

Everything's arranged. Now if I can just get over this-thing-that-appears-to-be-a-sinus-infection in time for the con, I'll be all set.


mapsandlegends: Joe and David at FedCon 2010 (Default)

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